Computer Matching

Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) - Computer Matching Service 

The Computer Matching Service is administered by PMCV on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria.

Please note: there are NO matches currently open for registration.

Refer to the individual match pages for details of when they will become available for registration.

Attention to all Computer Matching Candidates: Your Candidate ID is a 5-digit number. 

The HMO, BPT1 and BPT2 unmatched positions list can be found here. To enquire about these vacancies, contact the Health Services listed directly. Contact information can be found on the websites of the individual hospitals concerned. Enquiries via email are preferred. Please do not contact PMCV to apply for these positions. 

Graduate Nurse/Midwifery Program Match Opens on 10th June for 2020 places.

MONASH HEALTH: MID YEAR 2019: Monitor their web site for upcoming details of 2019 mid-year vacancies -

CORRYONG HEALTH MID YEAR 2019: Applications to be emailed to [email protected] Applications close on 14th April.

Please contact the health service directly for 2019 vacancies - registration with PMCV is not required.

We advise candidates and hospitals to use desktop computers for entering your preferences or submitting your rankings online.