Computer Matching

- Referee Assessment Form

You may have arrived at this screen if you are a Referee attempting to submit an online Referee Assessment Form, for a Candidate participating in the computer match.

The website address you have entered is either not complete, or is incorrect.
Please ensure you have copied and pasted the complete website address (check the last part of the unique key is included) from the automated email message you received, into your browser.

  1. Open the email message you received, requesting you complete an Online Referee Assessment Form
  2. Copy the complete website address. This begins with "http://computermatching.." and ends with a string of numbers and letters. This may have wrapped over 1-2 lines in your email message. Ensure you have the complete website address, you may need to copy and paste this in two "grabs", if this has wrapped over a second line.
  3. Paste the address into your "Address" bar in your browser. Then, click the "Go" button, or simply hit "Enter".

    Paste in the web address, into your browsers address area

    To paste, use the "Paste" command from your browsers "Edit" menu. Or, if this is not visible on your screen, go to the File menu in your web browser, and select "Open". The "Control" and "V" key will paste this address into the field. Click "OK".
If you experience any further difficulties, please contact PMCV.