Computer Matching

Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) - Computer Matching Service 

The Computer Matching Service is administered by PMCV on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria.

14 May 2018 - Medical Radiations - Midyear Monash Radiation Therapy Match - Results available via login

Currently Open for registration: 

Tuesday 1st May - Medical Internship(for medical students only)

Candidates CANNOT register to participate in the Matching process until the Match is open.

Opening dates for the registration process for the following Matches:

Monday 4th June   - Graduate Nurse/Midwifery Program 

Monday 11th June   - HMO and Basic Physician Training 

Graduate Nurse/Midwifery Program (GNMP) Match  

Does NOT open for registration until Monday 4th June

You CANNOT register before this time

**NEW VACANCY** : Victorian South West Collaborative. Contact Donna Eichler on (03) 5521 0615  or email

**NEW VACANCY** Calvary Health Care Bethlehem (information available on GNMP Match page)

We advise candidates and hospitals to use desktop computers for entering your preferences or submitting your rankings online.